By William Wagner

Three students at Western Michigan University are examples of the various ways that students fund their college education.

Some have school covered by scholarships, awards, jobs, or parents.

Joseph Linke, a 23-year-old elementary education major, said that he is in a great amount of debt after ten semesters at WMU.  Linke pays close to $18,000 a semester, all of which comes out of federal, private, and Parent Plus loans.

Link expects to be paying off his student debt for 15 to 20 years after graduation.

“I think it’s part of life,” said Linke.  “They either need to make school cheaper, or pay teachers more.”

Megan Raedy, a 22-year-old senior double majoring in music education and Spanish, has an easier time with her college expenses.  Ready said that her parents pay for her entire experience at WMU.

“I feel blessed that I can focus on my career after university rather than worry about my past debt,” said Ready.

Eliot Hedeman, a 21-year-old junior majoring music performance, is one of the lucky ones whose parents planned ahead and saved money for his six semesters at WMU.

Hedeman said that scholarships, grants, and his job also keep him clear of having student debt.

“I’m really lucky that I was born into a family that was willing to plan ahead, and that I could work hard to be out of debt’s way,” said Hedeman.

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