By Devin Girbach

Students at Western Michigan University are reacting positively and negatively to two fees that involved campus media and aviation students last Wednesday.

In March, students voted on whether or not they would like to spend an extra $5 a semester to fund three on-campus media groups.  They also voted on an $8 semester fee to pay for shuttle transportation to Battle Creek for students in WMU’s College of Aviation.

The nature of the fees remains controversial among some students who think that they shouldn’t have to pay more per semester for services that they’re not even using.

Brendan Adams, 19, an accounting major at WMU, is one person who doesn’t agree with the fees.

“I don’t like it,” Adams said. “I’m not an aviation student.  Even though it’s not a large fee, I don’t think I should have to pay extra for things that I’m not going to use.”

Not all of the reception was negative, however.  Jacob Ermete, 20, a communication major, said that he doesn’t mind the fee.

“It doesn’t bother me,” Ermete said.  “At the end of the day, those fees are so minimal in comparison to everything else that we pay for that we won’t even notice them.”

Some students have even reacted positively to the media fee.

“I’m glad to help out,” said Jalen Richards, 21, a business major at WMU. “If it’s helping to keep those student organizations alive, I’m all for it.”

The announcement that the fees had been passed came with 63 percent of voters saying “yes.”

The additional $5 a semester media fee will help fund a streamlined campus media operation that will share a governing board, according to Ambrosia Neldon, news editor for the Western Herald.

The voting for the $8 transportation fee for aviation fee passed with a 61 percent approval rate.


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