By Erwin Josiah St. Rose

Donald Trump should not be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, according to several students interviewed on Western Michigan University’s campus.

Two Western students believe Donald Trump is not for real this time. Aaron Zhang said, “I’m pretty sure Donald Trump is trying to make the GOP look bad and is going for laughs right now.”

Matt Firsten, 20, a Film, Video, and Media Studies major said, “He’s not serious. He knows he won’t get the Republican nomination.”

However, one student believes Trump is serious this time. Aaron Rabaut said, “I think he’s the real deal.”

Rabaut also said that he would trust Trump’s leadership skills. “Yeah, I’d say so; he’s got a way of motivating people.”

Firsten and Zhang both had similar views when asked if Donald Trump’s business savvy would translate to the presidency. “He’s really brash and that wouldn’t work in the political field,” said Zhang.

Firsten had a more favorable view of Trump. “I agree with his leadership skills as a businessman. (But he’s) not a politician or someone who can run our country; he hasn’t done anything.”

Rabaut and Zhang both say that Trump would be best paired with a vice president who is just like him. “Ted Cruz would be good for him they’d be a good pair, they’d get the most GOP votes as a tag team,” said Zhang.

Firsten and Zhang both disagree with Donald Trump’s foreign policy. “His policy is neoconservative; the United States shouldn’t invade other countries without reason,” said Zhang.

However, Rabaut thinks he could be an effective president. “In some ways yes, he’d run America like a business.”

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