By Kelli Lewis

Western Michigan University’s original campus, known as East Campus, is being considered for tear down within the next few months. Three WMU students are not happy with the university’s plan to demolish the school’s East Campus, and wonder how to take a stand against the plans.

Katy Kaugher, 21, an education student at WMU, was very unhappy when she heard the news about East Campus possibly being demolished.

“Both of my parents went to WMU, lived on East Campus, and attended classes there as well. It is not only part of Western’s history, but my family history as well,” said Kaugher.

She also stated how much she loves the buildings and has heard others make comments about how beautiful that part of campus is.

Meg Pairitz, 19, a student loves going on walks and exploring East Campus and would hate to see the beauty and history of it be destroyed.

“I know a lot of students are not happy about this. Most WMU students are informed on the issue, but don’t know how to take a stand,” said Pairitz.

Dana Hakim, 20, a communication student, was over on East Campus not long ago when she overheard a group of business men walking around discussing which buildings they want to tear down and how they want to replace the buildings with parking lots.

“This makes me livid,” said Hakim. “I can’t believe they are even considering tearing down WMU’s history to replace it with parking lots. I’d love to see them fix up the buildings and start having classes and residence halls there again.”


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