The right to carry a concealed weapon has been a hot topic amongst Americans in recent months. The right to carry topic has made its way to college campuses and it’s a debate Adam Schwallie, a senior at Western Michigan University, has taken a strong side on.

“I think carrying guns on campus is a terrible idea,” Schwallie, a creative writing major said. “Most people overestimate their ability to make clear decisions in a crisis and underestimate their tendencies to make rash decisions.”
adam guns

The 28-year-old Schwallie thought back to when he was in a sociology class and the class discussed the 2012 shooting in the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre. Schwallie said a classmate said something to the effect that if everyone in that theater had a gun, the shooter would have been dead.

“I thought that was a ridiculous thing to say,” Schwallie said. “You’ve got a dark theater and suddenly someone starts throwing smoke bombs and shooting. If everyone pulls out their guns, they’re not going to know who the actual threat is.”

Schwallie also pointed out that being trained in gun safety and being a sharp shooter doesn’t necessarily translate into life and death situations where guns are involved, such as in Aurora.

“Most people aren’t trained on what to do in that situation,” Schwallie said. “It doesn’t matter how often you go to the gun range. You can be the straightest shooter in the world but that doesn’t give you the ability to know who you should shoot at or if you should shoot at then when all hell breaks loose.”

“The only person I’d trust walking around with a gun on campus is maybe a veteran,” Schwallie said. “Even then, I don’t think it’s worth the risk of someone doing something stupid with a gun.”

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