By Micaela Donnelly

Western Michigan University has altered its academic calendar for the next three years starting in 2018 to give students a three-day break in October, and to begin classes the Wednesday before Labor Day.

The new calendar begins the 2018-2019 school year and lasts for three years. WMU announced its new calendar year at the Board of Trustees meeting on Sept. 20.

Carrie Cumming, the registrar at WMU, said that “during the fall semester, students don’t get a break like they do in spring. Midterms are a very stressful time and giving that break to students will help them be more successful.”

Students this fall would really like a three-day break, as midterms have just ended and classes are going strong, with no relief from assignments and assessments.

“This is one of the most stressful times of the year,” Garrett Stuart, a student at WMU, said. “Right after midterms I’m struggling to catch my breath, I have no time to regroup before I continue with the semester.”

“I believe that students will not be upset about losing a week of summer vacation, by that time I’m bored of summer and eager to get back to school,” Stuart said.
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October is a busy time for college students as they pick their classes for spring semester. Registration is open for students until Oct. 26, and midterm grades are filed on Oct. 22. Once the new academic calendar begins, students will have their schedules all set before going on break.


Western will be joining many other institutions that have a fall break on the books, including Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania and Indiana University.

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