By Sheena Czyzewski

Mandatory health insurance is a good idea and they are even willing to pay for it, said three Western Michigan University students.

William McKinley, a 24-year-old aviation student at WMU, still has health insurance through his mother and hasn’t thought a lot about what he will do about insurance when he is no longer eligible to be on his mom’s plan.

McKinley said his tax dollars are already used on things he does not agree with, so if it started being used towards healthcare, he would be happy about it.

“Social Security is outdated and needs to be revised,” said McKinley. “Obamacare as a whole is needed for this country to control the cost of healthcare — but the problem is there are still people that won’t use it and will have to be carried out by the government.”

Laura Tomlinson, 20, an interpersonal communications student at WMU,  agreed that she would be willing to pay for mandatory health insurance with her tax dollars.

Tomlinson is covered on her parents’ insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and says she doesn’t know anything about Social Security besides her Social Security number.

“Without health insurance, doctors’ appointments and hospital bills are so expensive; I know many people can’t afford to get the treatment they need, so I think mandatory health insurance would be great for people,” Tomlinson said.

Tomlinson agreed with McKinley that using tax dollars for health insurance would be more beneficial than some of the other things tax dollars go toward that she doesn’t necessarily agree with.

Leslie Wong, 27, an elementary education student at WMU, currently doesn’t have any type of health insurance. Wong works for a restaurant that does not offer health insurance and she is no longer eligible to be on her parents’ plan.

“I believe mandatory health insurance is a great idea, but with every great idea comes a problem, this needs to be followed by a mandatory amount of times an individual needs to see a doctor,” Wong said. “There are so many young people making excuses to see a doctor to get prescription drugs they do not need, doctors’ notes when they miss a class and so on.”

“Using tax dollars for health insurance would help all citizens in the long run,” Wong said.

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