The Kalamazoo Public Library, located at 315 S Rose St., welcomed guests wearing holsters as opposed to the typical backpack or messenger bag to discuss gun violence in an open forum hosted by State Representative Jon Hoadley.

Battle Creek gun lobbyist and business owner Joel Fulton, 44, walked around and greeted citizens he’s grown to know over the years.

As the co-owner of Freedom Firearms and Southside Sportsman Club, Fulton has a passion for guns that stems from his childhood. He grew up hunting and took a gun safety class when he was 12 years old.

Fulton not only sells firearms, but he is also a National Rifle Association Training Counselor and says that he has taught hundreds of people how to care properly for and use guns. He has traveled to Lansing and Washington lobbying for pro-gun legislation.

Fulton said violence can be a good thing when protecting and defending oneself, especially when police officers are stopping crime. However, those who choose to do bodily harm to others outside of defense deserve the death penalty.

“If you kill somebody, I think we should kill you back,” Fulton said. “That way they never do it again and sends the message to other people that if you kill somebody, you don’t get to survive in society, this is not an appropriate place for you because you don’t like people.”


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