At the Veterans of Foreign Wars Association in downtown Kalamazoo, veterans come to let loose, to be with people from similar backgrounds, and have a good time. When it comes to guns, the answers aren’t similar.

For instance, Bob Farrell is a veteran of the Korean war, and he says that he has always been against guns, even during the war.

Farrell at the VFW bar.

Farrell at the VFW bar.

“Just because I was in the war doesn’t mean I had to like it,” he said. “We had no choice but to be with guns.”

In Farrell’s family, the idea of guns were never and are still not supported, he adds; guns were a definite no at the time when he left to go to war.

“I wasn’t the type of man who enjoyed having a gun in my hand,” Farrell said. “I’m not the type of man to die without fighting first either.”

Farrell said he was faced with the decision to die or live many times while in the war.

“Our camp was trespassed and I woke up to a machine rifle stuck to my forehead and all I felt was my sweating hands on the ground,” said Farrell. “I looked for my gun and then realized the gun I used to protect me was now against me.”

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