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By Ayana Love

‘Tinker-Tank,’ ‘Tinker-Tank’. Oh that’s just my key chain, or should I say key chains. I always collect them; from elephants and bows to sparkly items that hang from a ring. I collect all types of keychains, but one has a secret meaning.
“Come on Daniel, it’s time to play princess with barbie!”
“Yana um, I was about to leave… I’ll play for a second,” Daniel chuckles…“but sometimes you have to learn how to play by yourself in this world,” Daniel said. Looking up at my brother as he told me that, I was 7 years old at the time; I didn’t understand what that meant. I broke eyes with him and watched my mom walk into the living room and told him not to say that. “She just wants to play,” she said. “Yeah I know, but I want her to hear from me rather than learn it in action from someone else who’s not worth hurting her feelings.” From then on I learned that sometimes you’ll be by yourself and it’s okay. That was one of many lessons my brother taught me. The identity I have is the one he helped create. Daniel is well and alive and has three children; is a super hero or should I say police officer of Detroit, Michigan. Growing up Daniel was obsessed with Curious George the monkey. As he grew out of it I surreptitiously took his key chain without him noticing and have had it ever since. My brother is my curious George. Even though we are 13 years apart and he has his own family to tend to now, I think I keep his old curious George key chain on my driving keys so my brother can always be with me, even if he doesn’t know it.

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