By Rebecca Kramb

Three upperclassmen interviewed at Western Michigan University this past week had varying levels of knowledge about current gun control legislation and the exposure the issue receives in the news media.

Alvaro Tomas, 22, of Clarkston, a fine art major, said that this topic was one that he tried to stay away from. “I’ve lost a couple of good friends over stuff like this.”

Though Tomas turns on TV new every morning, he said that his lack of solid information about the topic stems from the news media’s lack of a middle ground. “Gun control is a double edged sword, with both sides’ arguments, it’s impossible for me to find a good balance.”
Megan Skult, 21, of Northville, an organizational communication major, felt differently about the news media’s coverage of gun control. “From what I’ve seen it’s pretty balanced, both sides have been equally argued,” Skult said.
Skult used to watch the news frequently but because of her workload she is unable to watch as often. But she did know that magazine size was a hot topic and that “the big issue is civilians getting their hands on military assault weapons.”
Blake Fillar, 21, of Kalamazoo, a secondary education major, said she knew very little about current topics regarding gun control because she rarely, if ever, seeks out the news. “I don’t understand why people would want military weapons.”
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