By Austin Goricki

Google Glass hits stores sometime next year, causing questions to arise in three Western Michigan University students minds’ about the amount of technology people use in their everyday lives.

These new glasses can take pictures just by the person wearing them saying, “Take a picture.” The glasses can take video, search the Web, give directions, stream video to other people of what the wearer is viewing, and much more — all using voice commands. This changes the game in the technology world, WMU students agree.

Mario Haddad, 20, is a student at WMU from Kalamazoo, and he embraces the new technology, including the Google Glass.

“I think it helps out a lot of people in everyday life,” Haddad said, “I think the problem with all of this technology is the fact that not everyone knows how to use it properly and it could cause problems down the road.”

Sami Barwick, 20, who is also a student at WMU from Kalamazoo, says she thinks all of the new advancements in technology are having a negative effect on society. “I don’t like the Google Glass idea at all, I think people need to learn to put down their new technology and interact with people face to face,” she said.

“A person interacting with each other face to face is becoming a lost art,” Barwick says. Back in the day, for example, someone would ask another person for directions or to take a picture instead of asking their glasses.

Connor Smith, 19, from Ypsilanti studies at WMU, thinks the improvements in technology helps a lot of people. “I like the idea of technology helping people,” Smith said. “I do think it is a little weird to think about how far technology has come and it could possibly be a problem in the future if things start to get out of hand.”

Google Glass will be in stores sometime in 2014 and will cost around $1,500.

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