Western Michigan University Professor, Keli Masten in her Brown Hall classroom.

From her opinion on gun safety to the culture of violence in America, Western Michigan University Professor of English, Keli Masten had a lot to say about guns.

Masten’s relationship with guns started long before her marriage to her Army veteran husband. Her grandfather introduced her to target shooting when she was only 13 years old and has been working on her marksmanship (precision shooting) ever since.

Although Masten owns a 9mm handgun and even collects antique guns, she is wary about concealed carry on college campuses.

“I’ve even had somebody tell me that I had an obligation to carry a gun to school because I have a responsibility to protect the students,” says Masten. “I have a responsibility to educate.”

The topic of concealed carry being allowed on college campuses is one that she has discussed before with veterans and she is usually asked the question: ‘Well what if the student tries to shoot you?’

“Well, then I guess I’m a crappy teacher then because I didn’t help them to get past where they felt like they needed to kill me. I don’t have a good response to that. I just don’t,” says Masten.

Masten says that classroom shootings aren’t expected to happen, so the reality of using a concealed weapon in that kind of situation is very bleak. “This is a safe space. Nobody should have guns on campus,” says Masten.

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