By Christine Lena

Internships for Western Michigan University students are very important and beneficial for future job opportunities, according to a few interviewees.

Most students agree that they have looked for opportunities to intern at different types of facilities in the Kalamazoo area and know that holding an internship position is beneficial for their future.

Brittnay Fox, 19, a freshman studying child and family education, said that internships are great for building up a resume, getting work experience, and helping acquire a job. Fox has looked at getting an internship for the future.

“In my field, it’s tough to find one that’s accepting right now because it’s so competitive,” said Fox.  However, that the easiest part of the internship search, Fox said, has been that many places do accept interns.

Madeline Hyde, 21, a junior majoring in behavior analysis, said that the biggest positive of working as an intern is the experience it gives. However, she said the biggest downside is that there is no pay and this can keep students away from internships. Hyde also said that although she does not currently have an internship, she has been working a paying job that she considers as training in her field, as she is working at hospitals and psychiatric wards with people who are elderly.

Wendi Garcia, 18, a freshman studying speech pathology, said she also hasn’t had an internship but recently started looking for one in her field.  Garcia also said she is interested in internships because of the networking opportunities they offer. Garcia has discovered that for her field in particular, it is difficult to find internships.

“It’s hard to know where to look and where to start,” Garcia said. However, she added that a benefit to interning is getting a better idea of the field and know if it is the type of job she really wants to do or not.


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