Though heCCW has a concealed carry permit, one life-long gun owner says he almost never carries his gun. Dirk Wilker, 55, says he has the permit just in case he gets pulled over between home and the shooting range.

Wilker is at the Southern Michigan Gun Club shooting range in downtown Kalamazoo. He’s readying himself to go into the indoor range, a long, narrow room with four stalls, three hold a shooter. At the end of each shoot is a black and white circular target. Gunshots, all fired from .22 pistols, sound off in syncopated pops.

Wilker says that target shooting requires muscular control. To shoot accurately, he says he has to stand perfectly still and focus on keeping the front of the gun steady. This is hard to do with a target down at the far end of the shooting range, he says.

“I imagine telling people how to shoot is like telling them how to bowl, it seems easier than it is,” Wilker says.


*Dirk Wilker is not speaking on behalf of the Southern Michigan Gun Club.

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