By Alexis Surmacz

Kyle Vanheulen-Seibert, 29, a communications major, is finishing up his final week at Western Michigan University. This 29-year-old undergraduate has a unique story, being a veteran, married, divorced, and having two children. Having children while in college is one of the top 20 reasons why students drop out of school.

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Vanheulen-Seibert thinks that once students have a sense of who they are they will feel more like they belong.

Going into college many students do not feel academically prepared or do not feel like they belong in college. Having children while in school is an additional challenge that some students face on top of not being prepared or feeling like they belong.

Vanheulen-Seibert talks about how hard it is staying up late trying to finish homework after dealing with his two kids, whom he shares with his ex-wife. A study done by Women’s Policy Research found that 26 percent college students were parents of dependent children.

Students with kids in college often cannot afford the resources they need for their child while they are in school, or do not have the time to dedicate to school

For college students being parents of dependent children it can be hard for them to feel like they fit in or keep the motivation to continue school due to exhaustion and not having the typical social life of a college student. Vanheulen-Seibert is defying the odds of being a parent in college with his final days almost over with.

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