By Kira Hoy

Pennsylvania is allowing Syrian refugees into its state, but residents are divided between wanting to turn people away or to continue the U.S. history of immigrant acceptance.

Two central Pennsylvania residents strongly believe allowing Syrian refugees to resettle in their state will lead to fear and chaos. Madison Miller, 18, a college student, and Fred Groover, 74, a retired human resources manager at Butterkrust Bakery, both agree that the screening process to accept or turn away immigrants is not strong enough to ensure the safety of the people.

“No one should ever have to live in fear, and this is exactly how I feel going to college in a place that seems to be accepting people bringing such terror; something has to be done,” said Miller.

During past conflicts, the United States has accepted hundreds of refugees who were fleeing their countries due to violence and persecution. Now, after the terrorist attack on Paris, more than half of the United States governors are allowing Syrian refugees to resettle in their state, including Pennsylvania, according to CNN.

Groover has been a liberal his whole life, and said he has turned into a radical due to the terrorist attack in Paris. He said he does not see any benefits coming from allowing refugees into Pennsylvania.

“They got to be nuts, those kind of people doing what they are doing just to mess up our country,” said Groover, “Why would we want anyone like this around our loved ones?”

However, Andres Valencia, 23, an electrician, finds that the United States has always been a place where people of “all walks of life” come to better themselves or get away from a difficult life in their own country.

“I believe with the way things our currently running, if a terrorist is set to make it into the United States then he or she will,” said Valencia. “It has nothing to do with us letting refugees in from another country.”

Valencia said he does not have a problem with refugees coming into the United States, or Pennsylvania for that matter, because the state shouldn’t change how it has always been known for accepting immigrants.


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