If it wEric Weeldreyerasn’t for guns, one Kalamazoo gun store owner says he doesn’t know what he would do with his life.

“Guns were the first thing in life I loved,” says On Target’s Eric Weeldreyer.

Weeldreyer, 60, says he has been shooting guns since he was 10. He started out hunting anything that stood still long enough to be shot at with a BB gun he got for Christmas. “Any Christmas with a gun in it was the best,” he says.

“Shooting is a part of my life. I’ve done it so much, part of it becomes a job,” Weeldreyer says. As an alternate for shooting at the Olympics in 2004, and a winner of twelve Shooting National Championships, Weeldreyer says he has always enjoyed the struggle and strive to become better at his sport.

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