GIGI my cyber gray metallic 2010 Chevrolet Equinox is treated like my own child. I take care of her so well because of the true value she means to me.
I never let her get past half a tank, and when she’s dirty I take her to her favorite place, Fast Splash car wash. I could never go over the miles after I’m supposed to get her oil changed, because my mom never let me go hours without changing me when I was a baby…it’s just respect.
She is always clean in the front, back and trunk, with my backpack typically occupying the passenger seat. Her chocolate brown and black interior makes a Heresy chocolate bar jealous of the pristine condition she stays in.

The way I take care of GIGI starts from when I was 4-years old and my parents got a divorce. Ever since then I have noticed who provides more for me. My mother is my number one provider, my dad loves me just as much but I have seen who sacrifices more for me throughout my childhood and adulthood.
Growing up, if I wanted something or to go somewhere my mom made it happen. But to make it happen that meant she didn’t always get to do what she wanted to do because my brother and I always came first. She let me see what hard work is like, being one of the top nurses at her hospital. Sometimes having to have worked 20 or more hours a day. With all her hard work she has been able to send me to private schooling since I was 3-years old. Once I turned 16 I only had one thing on my mind, and that was a car of my choice. I remember seeing the smiles and tears run down my friend’s faces when their parents surprised them with their first car. I wanted those same smiles and tears. But, some things take time.
After using my parents’ cars on and off all of high school and two years into college, my day had finally arrived and I didn’t even know it. I heard four hard knocks on the door, which I thought I was dreaming because it was way too early on a Saturday morning.
“Open the door Adia! My name is George and I’m here to speak to you.” That’s when I knew it wasn’t a dream. Not knowing who George was, I went to the door and saw my mom standing there with a random man…who so happened to be George. He said, “I am here to give you your car.”
As I stood in disbelief, watching my dad with the camera waiting to see my reaction I ran to the parking lot of my apartment to find my beautiful GIGI. There she was, shining so bright, I smiled hard, with tears running down my face.

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