Click here for 360 video: Sean Westley rides a bike

Sean Westley, a junior at Western Michigan University, has always loved nature and the environment.  A biology major, the 27-year-old Westley knows the importance of conservation and the harms of pollution to the earth. Riding a bike to campus is benefiting Westley in many ways, from the his heart’s health to the amount of money in his wallet.

Westley said one reason he rides a bike to school is because he is part of the sustainability program at WMU, a program on campus where one of the main goals is to identify and help implement innovative and cost-effective strategies for reducing WMU’s ecocultural wake.

“I am trying to do my part by having less cars on campus and helping to create less waste,” Westley said. “It’s better for my own body and for the earth as a whole.”

In addition to saving the earth, Westley says riding his bike to campus also saves him money.

“I also ride a bike to school because I don’t want to pay WMU more money to park on campus for an overpriced parking permit,” Westley said. “By doing it, I’m killing many birds with one stone. Not real birds though.”

Westley takes the 4-mile round-trip trek to campus every day, weather permitting.

“If it’s raining or during the winter, I have no problem taking the bus,” Westley said. “It’s better than having wet clothes and books all day.”

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