In the small town of West Branch, Michigan, guns are used to hunt.

“I hunt every year with my family and guns are fun to shoot at targets,” Zach Marentette, a freshman at Western Michigan University said.


Zach Marentette, a freshman at Western Michigan University, doesn’t think college students should be allowed to carry guns on campus

West Branch has a population of just over 2,000 and Marentette says he feels safer there than he does in Kalamazoo.

“In a small town, everybody knows each other, and if you need help, someone is more likely to be around to provide it,” Marentette said. “The shootings in Kalamazoo scared me, mainly because I was working the front desk at my dorm at the time and if the shooter did happen to come in, I was the first line of defense.”

Marentette is familiar with firearms
but believes students on college campuses should not be allowed to carry a gun, especially with the stress associated with higher education, such as maintaining grades and paying tuition.

“No, absolutely not,” Marentette said. “Anyone can snap at any given moment; they just have to be under the right amount of stress.”

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