Being the daughter of a state police officer means not only having an awareness of firearms, but also exposure to them.

Chelsea Morris, 22, says her dad carries his pistol with him everywhere, even to church. Morris feels safe around her dad, but not necessarily with others who have firearms.

“It scares me that other people have guns, like pistols, especially since my dad is a police officer,” Morris, a senior at Western Michigan University said. “It’s nerve-racking knowing any person around could have a deadly weapon on them.”

Hailing from the small town of West Branch, Mich., Morris recalls a tragedy that happened in her town last year.

“A kid I went to high school with was shot and killed at a bar in my hometown,” Morris said. “At first, I thought it was a deer hunting accident. I was shocked. Shootings like that don’t happen in my small town.”


Chelsea Morris, a senior at Western Michigan University, believes guns are too easy to access.

Morris, an elementary education major, is close to getting her teaching license. When she does, Morris says she will take safety into consideration, even in the classroom.

“If I teach in a school and am allowed to carry in a school, I will get my concealed weapons license,” Morris said. “The safety of my students and myself are the number one priority.”

 “I feel that if someone really wants to kill another person, they will,” Morris said. “Gun or not, they will find a way.”  



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