Wayne Flepret

Wayne Flepret salutes proudly


Wayne Flepret, a veteran of The Korean War, says he thought differently about guns when he came back home from his station in the southern part of Korea.

Flepret says his primary duty was to fly planes. But seeing guns within his midst was a daily occurrence.

“Guns are normal in a war zone but at home guns are poison,” Flepret says.

Flepret says that after a potential stand-off with his wife, it opened his eyes to a different perspective.

“Coming in the door one night, my wife yells, ‘Whose there?’ I guess she didn’t hear me when I said that it was me, and she says, ‘If we owned a gun, I would have shot you,'” says Flepret.

Flepret says that hearing that from his wife triggered a different emotion toward guns.

“Guns can turn our homes into a war zone,” says Flepret. “The power that guns hold, humans can’t even control.”

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