Holli Sommerfeld

Holli Sommerfeld


“Gun usage can have a devastating ripple effect on a community,” Western Michigan University student Holli Sommerfeld said.

Sommerfeld is a pre-intern at Mattawan High School where Tyler Smith, 17, attended. Smith was one of six killed by gunman Jason Dalton on Feb. 20.

Sommerfeld said she saw first-hand the way the shootings affected those at the school.

“At Mattawan, people were just generally scared after it happened,” Sommerfeld said. “My teacher had Tyler in a class, so it was really difficult for her. She kept breaking down the first few days coming back to school.”

While Sommerfeld is proud that the school ultimately came together strong as a result of the shootings, she believes Smith’s death could have been prevented if the¬†U.S. were¬†following the model of European countries were gun usage is tightly controlled.


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