BY: Adia Robbins

Mass shootings on and near college campuses have occurred and are still happening. On February 20, 2016 in Kalamazoo, MI near Western Michigan Universities campus was a random act of shootings killing six and injuring two.

The Kalamazoo and WMU community was and still is devastated over the tragedy that was brought to the town. There are plenty of people who are still shaken up about it, including myself.

Even though there are individuals on WMU campus who still don’t feel safe in the area even after the shooter was taken into custody, does this mean administration should consider letting concealed weapons on campus? If our campus gets permission to carry then all college campuses should be allowed to. Which might be a conversation that starts to come up more if this campus passes the law.

Having guns on campus could lead to unwanted problems that could have permanent outcomes, such as killing another student because an individual felt threatened. This community may be feeling scared and unsafe now but if they let students carry a gun in their backpacks it could increase that fear they are already having.

There has been talk of allowing concealed carry on campuses for a while now. In 2013, at least 19 states introduced legislation to allow concealed carry on campuses. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures. It continued in a 2014 legislative session, when 14 more states had similar a legislation. The NCSL also said that in 2013, two bills passed in Kansas that is allowing concealed carry and the other in Arkansas that is allowing faculty to carry.

It doesn’t make it better that they are allowing faculty to carry in Arkansas. Does being an employee mean they should be trusted more with their decisions? I don’t think it matters how much more they can be trusted than students at these campuses.

There are currently eight states that allow the carrying of concealed weapons on public postsecondary campuses. The states that passed the bill are Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin, According to NSCL.

Right now there are 19 states that ban carrying a concealed weapon on a college campus. Happy to say one of them is Michigan, the rest are California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and Wyoming.

There is no need for those eight states to allow their college campuses to have concealed weapons. This country already has a hard enough time using the gun laws properly outside of campuses and now states want to add more to that flame.

I understand that having a gun on your person might make that individual feel safe and superior because they now hold all the power with one object. But, what if someone forgets they have the gun loaded and it accidentally goes off in class, the library, eating lunch in a dining hall, and many more places on a college campus.



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