If guns cannot be safely regulated on a broader spectrum of the United States, then it is obvious that guns should not be allowed on a college campus.

Currently in Michigan, concealed weapons are banned by law on college campuses. This law exists for a reason.

Following the recent Kalamazoo shootings that involved multiple homicides, some Western Michigan students have expressed that they want the opportunity to defend themselves by being able to carry a gun.

A better strategy for protecting students should be implemented but there are legitimate reasons as to why the standing law on guns on campus should not be changed.

The law was put in place to protect, and to differentiate a criminal from a student. If everyone is able to carry a gun, what sets a student apart from an individual coming on campus with intentions to harm?

Legislatures’ reactions to recent shootings has been to strengthen regulations on gun laws, not change or loosen them, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. 

According to Colostate Journal of Student Affairs, claims have been made that giving permission to individuals with sufficient training would possibly result in innocent lives put at a higher risk in the event of a standoff between armed students and a perpetrator.

Not everyone is going to carry the gun for defense only.

With the already high numbers of incidents of gun violence, guns should not be allowed on campus. Guns in today’s society are used to settle little disputes, fired in panic, and used when not necessarily needed.

The strategy on effectively regulating guns has to be figured out first before injecting them into a college environment.

Facts show that bad things happen when guns step into the picture.


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