By Ayana Love

Qualisqua Murphy stands behind the counter of her business

Qualisqua Murphy stands behind the counter of her business

Qualisqau Murphy, 31, a business owner of Jaddin’s Precious Soul Cafe in downtown Kalamazoo says her life was changed after being robbed at gunpoint. 

Murphy says she was alone while closing her restaurant one night a couple of weeks ago. “Everything happened really fast, and I never got the chance to see his face, passed the tattered dark clothing he wore,” she says.

Murphy recently submitted a police report and is waiting for a follow-up from the department of public safety.

Murphy added that having a gun that close to her was a surreal experience, something out of a video game or film.

“It’s something that will have all types of things running through your mind,” says Murphy.

Murphy says that her routine and the way she visualizes her surroundings have changed.

“I am constantly looking over my shoulder, paying more attention to the people in the room,” says Murphy. “No one ever thinks that this could happen to them, you know.”

Murphy says that the ideal of guns is changing the community and its businesses.

“These guns are falling into the wrong hands, too quickly, and too easily,” says Murphy.

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