By: Carol Barber


Fifty-seven-year-old Ron Tipken said he remembers taking hunter safety class in the sixth grade at Parchment Middle School. In turn, he taught both his boys gun safety and then his grandsons. Tipken’s stance on gun ownership hangs on his hip.

He openly carries his 9 mm handgun for personal protection everywhere he goes, except work. When he wakes up on Saturday mornings, he puts his gun on.

“It’s just part of my dress. It’s my right,” he said.

“The first couple times I did it was awkward,” Tipken said. “Now, as long as it’s in my holster, people don’t seem to mind.”

During this interview with Tipken at the McDonalds on D Avenue in Alamo Township, one interested diner noticed Tipken’s handgun and  overheard the interview. Tipkin’s open display of his gun encouraged the diner to join the conversation; he too was in support of personal protection through gun ownership.


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