At only 16 years old, Ethan Weeldreyer started working for his father’s business. Five years later, the now 21-year-old is currently the online sales director for On Target Guns and Gunsmithing.

Weeldreyer has been using guns since he was a kid and says he strictly uses firearms in paper target shooting. His father, who is now a partner at On Target Guns and Gunsmithing, taught him about gun safety at a young age.

As online sales director, Weeldreyer oversees all online sales through the store. He knows the background check process, like the back of his hand, as he spoke of all the necessary steps, in order, that he must take to ensure the buyer is cleared for purchasing.

On Target Guns and Gunsmithing, located on West Main Street in Kalamazoo, was one of the stores Jason Dalton, suspect in the Kalamazoo shootings, visited before his rampage.

“It bothers us all. We all were pretty shook up,” says Weeldreyer. Dalton purchased a holster from On Target Guns and Gunsmithing the day of the shootings.

On Target Guns and Gunsmithing keeps in touch with stores that sell weapons throughout the Kalamazoo and Portage area. He says it’s a word-of-mouth process that helps keep licensed dealers in the area informed and in the loop about suspicious people that they have denied sales.

Whenever he, or a fellow employee, sees a suspicious person at his father’s store, he says he takes a screenshot off the store’s surveillance video and sends a description of the person through emails or telephone calls.

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