To play the game of soccer, all a player needs is a ball, shoes and a goal. But surround each player with an inflated plastic donut and that adds a whole new dimension, literally, to the game. This game is called bubble soccer.

Matches are four players versus four players and last all of 16 minutes. That is split into four separate quarters. It may not seem like a long time, however when you’re running around inside of a bubble in a hot gym in the Student Rec Center, players are dripping in sweat walking toward the water fountain after the first 4 minutes.

Jessica Bacher is a site supervisor that watches over the Bubble Soccer games to make sure everything runs smoothly. It’s entertaining, especially when players inevitably get knocked down, said Bacher.

This spring is the first season that this sport has been available to play at Western Michigan University. There were 12 teams that signed up for the WMU Intramural sport that consisted of WMU students. Each team was offered four regular season games and was entered in a single-elimination tournament to finish the season. The games usually draw a crowd as people watch from the upper level of the student rec center.

“As long as the bubbles don’t pop, then bubble soccer will be back next semester,” said Bacher.

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