By: Carol Barber

Guns scare me, and I wish they had never been invented. But they were, and as long as even one person knows how to build a weapon, it will be done. Moreover, as long as criminals can access guns, ordinary citizens who choose to protect themselves should not be denied the ability to do so, especially on school campuses, which seem to be among the preferred hot-spots for mass shootings. College campuses must repeal their “Gun Free Zone” policies.

Unfortunately, neither prohibiting nor allowing concealed weapons on school campuses can completely prevent gun related deaths or injuries.

In 2007, a Seung Hui Cho went on a shooting rampage at Virginia Tech, killing 32 people before he shot himself. That campus is a “gun free zone.” Do you think Cho thought to himself, “Gee, I wonder if I’ll get in trouble if I take a gun on campus?”

Umpaqua Community College in Oregon is among the latest mass campus killings, resulting in nine dead and nine injured. Concealed weapons are allowed on this campus, with a permit. However, it was not an armed citizen who stopped the shooter. It was the police, right before the shooter killed himself.

Again, it seems as though it doesn’t really matter what policy is regarding guns on campus, because they are going to be used on campus regardless.

But, if an armed faculty or staff member had shot any one of the gunmen in campus shootings and saved only one person’s life, wouldn’t it be worth it to allow a highly trained, specially permitted and trusted member of the campus community to carry a gun? I think the families of the victims would say so.

Donnie Breaux is the mother of one of the victims in the mass shooting at a theater in Lafayette, Louisiana in 2015. She gave an interview to International Business Times saying she would like to see stricter background checks, but she does not support broader gun control. She told the

Again, education and special permitting are the key. Faculty and staff should be permitted to conceal carry on campuses. They should be required to complete extensive training, as much as the police, and the local community should pay for it. They should be required to complete continuing education classes on firearms and emergency situation training. Again, the community should pay for it.

As parents, we count on our school officials to provide a solid education to prepare our kids for the working world and to keep them safe while they are in school. If any one of these trusted individuals is capable and willing to defend my kid, why wouldn’t I let them?

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