Western Michigan University sophomore Reilly Chabie, 20, grew up in northern Michigan in a family who lives to hunt deer and pheasant.

“My family doesn’t just go around shooting what they want, they are certified and take that very seriously,” says Chabie,a behavioral science major.

Reilly Chabie Photo By Adia Robbins

Reilly Chabie Photo By Adia Robbins

Chabie sees no problem with her family hunting and never missing a deer season since before she was born. “It’s a lifestyle in my family.”

Being more than eight hours away from home and all the hunting outings because she is at school doesn’t bother Chabie, since she doesn’t care to participate in the family activity.

Right now, Chabie isn’t gun certified and hasn’t received her hunting license like the rest of her family. Once she has finished school and has more time on her hands, she says she wants to get certified and get her own gun.

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