Despite being an avid hunter as well, not all of Brian Taylor’s experiences with guns have been good.

“My worst experience came from when I was shot by a .40 when I was 22 by someone improperly handling it,” said Taylor, who attended WMU in the late ’90s.

An important aspect of being certified for concealed carry is knowing how to properly handle a firearm. Becoming certified could decrease the possibility of these incidents.

Taylor who obtained his CPL shortly after his incident. Is in favor of concealed carry and primary purpose for obtaining his CPL is to protect others, especially his family. He plans to encourage his children to obtain a CPL once they meet the legal age and requirements.

Taylor thinks that college campuses should allow concealed carry as long as all the requirements are met. However, he does not think it should be changed solely due to events such as the shootings that occurred Feb. 20 involving suspect Jason Dalton, an Uber driver, in Kalamazoo. “Isolated incidents of people misusing weapons should not change the law,” said Taylor.

In fact, Taylor does not want to see many changes in the laws regarding firearms.

“I absolutely believe in our Second Amendment and constitutional rights.  To take away any of our rights protected under the Constitution would be a true crime to this country,” said Taylor.image2

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