For one Western Michigan University student from a small town, the shooting spree in Kalamazoo stirred up painful memories of gun violence in her own life.

Junior Sarah DeHaan said the shooting that took place Feb. 20 reminded her how available weapons are in her hometown of East Jordan. DeHaan was in her first year of college when her friend Kiersten committed suicide with a self-inflicted gun shot after leaving her sister’s wedding in 2012. She was 17.

“She had easy access to her parents’ guns and suffered from severe depression,” DeHaan said.

When it comes to gun laws, DeHaan believes the United States should look to other countries for guidance.

“Great Britain and Australia both have strict gun laws that don’t necessarily stop all of the gun violence, but it definitely hinders it,” DeHaan said. “Here things are different, but if other countries can make it work, so can we.”

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